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10:00am on Saturday, 18th September, 2021:



I've been playing Crusader Kings III recently, because there's not a lot of point to Crowfall.

Actually, there's not a lot of point to Crusader Kings III for the most part, either, because primogeniture isn't possible until the final quarter of the game so every time you try to grow your realm it winds up being split among your heirs when you die. Your only hope is that you have a character who lasts long enough to carve out an empire-level domain. I think I shall be using a mod to make primogeniture available earlier (historically, it was around in Europe well before the 1200 minimum date set by the game).

Hmm, I hadn't intended to rant about realm partitioning here. Rather, I'd intended to point out this:

So, my spymaster uncovered the existence of a plot to kill some knight I don't care about. She pursued her investigation to find out who was behind the plot, and eventually uncovered the lead conspiritor: it was none other than herself!

I'm guessing that's a bug rather than a manifestation of forgetfulness on the part of my spymaster.

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