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10:59am on Monday, 18th January, 2021:



I gave my first live Zoom lecture today. It did not go well.

It started out well enough, but one of the students pressed the hand-raise button. I couldn't see which student it was, because it didn't show in the attendees list. I carried on lecturing from where I left off, but apparently Zoom had decided not to keep sharing my screen. Students were trying to tell me using the Q&A channel, but I couldn't see that because I had a screen full of lecture slides. I could see in the chat channel, because that sent me an interrupt every time someone typed something there; unfortunately, no-one did type anything there, they only used the Q&A channel.

End result: students could hear me lecture but couldn't see what I was talking about. Augh!

It's just as well I'd also pre-recorded the lecture as a precaution.

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