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1:18pm on Wednesday, 17th November, 2021:



I was about to post about the latest workload model rankings that came in today (I'm in second place at 130%; some people have less than half that workload), but then another email arrived. This one was the Student Voice Bulletin. It's basically a newsletter produced in response to interactions with students, with news and other information in it that students in the 1990s might have found engaging. Anyway, this is how it opened up:

On the one hand, I'm both surprised and pleased to see my name in lights. I'm sure other lecturers are also passionate about their subjects, but they don't always get to teach them and their passion isn't always evident.

On the other hand, this is going to mean that more students will sign up for my lectures, increasing my workload.

Hmm. Well, better that than having to teach a 300-student programming module because no-one takes the games ones.

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