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12:18pm on Sunday, 14th March, 2021:

When the Chips are Down


So you're dead again. Oh well. No need to worry, though, because (as usual) you're about to be reincarnated.

It's 2021, and the character-creation process has identified the tables that you will be rolling on. Other tables offer more of a range, but on this occasion yours are pretty well binary. You'll be born: either in Europe or North America; be male or female; be white or not white; be straight or not straight; be poor or comfortably well-off; be from a stable family or a broken home. Further rolls on sub-tables will be made when necessary (which country in Europe or North America, for example).

What's this, though? You've earned enough points from previous lives to be allowed to select and lock in one of the values. It's a one-off: if you don't use it now, it won't keep until next time you're reincarnated. All the other values will be chosen at random, but for one of them you can (if you wish) decide in advance how it will be (although not any subsequent sub-table rolls).

Do you leave things are they are, or do you let the dice fall as they may? If you do decide to lock a starting condition in, which do you go for?

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