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5:04pm on Sunday, 14th February, 2021:



We recorded the final of The Masked Singer last night and watched it 45 minutes later so we could skip through the commercial breaks. Near the end, my wife had an idea who one of the last two acts might be and consulted their page on Wikipedia to check some details.

Unfortunately, by this point the live programme had ended and the winner's Wikipedia page had been updated to state that this singer had won the UK series of The Masked Singer 2021.

Honourably, my wife kept quiet about the fact she now knew who had won. Furthermore, she didn't say she was sure who was behind that particular mask, either (which I would have been tempted to do myself in her position).

I'd heard of the winner, but not of the person who came second. However, the person who came second was so good that I'm now going to look up some of their albums.

Next year, we're going to keep notes on paper so we remember the clues from week to week.

We'll also ban use of the iPad while watching recordings of the show.

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