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8:59am on Thursday, 13th May, 2021:

An Unfortunate Pattern


Earlier this week in Zoom...
Colleague: How is everyone?
Everyone: Fine.
Me: You're always asking how we are, how are you?
Colleague: I feel like shit.
Me: (laughter)
Colleague: My father died.

Earlier this year in Facebook...
Me: I've posted that thing I promised I'd send you before Christmas. I hope the shock of its finally arriving doesn't kill you.
Friend's Husband: Your friend died in February.

Earlier this century over the phone...
Me: Hi, can I speak to my dad's cousin?
Voice: Er, why?
Me: I want to ask him about family history.
Voice: It's his funeral this afternoon.

I guess this kind of thing becomes more common as you get older.

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