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12:26pm on Sunday, 11th July, 2021:

Off and On


Remember how in June my Internet connection was switched off because my ISP didn't take my money for May? Well, they took the money for May but it seems they didn't then take the money for June. Yesterday, they cut me off again.

I phoned them, but their offices are only open on weekdays. Eventually a confused woman answered the call and took my name and phone number, but that was the extent of her ability to help.

I opened a support ticket. Some quotes:
"Why can't I pay you using some back-up method? Even small-scale enterprises can accept Paypal!"
"Unhelpfully, this occurred at the weekend, when your offices are shut, and without warning. As a result, I shall not be watching the England match on Sunday in 4K."
"Why do you cut people off at the weekend anyway, when you know there's no way for them to get reconnected?"

Fortunately, someone working from home saw the ticket and unsuspended my account. "We apologise this has happened, but are pleased we can ensure your are able to enjoy the football final in 4K."

Phew! I'll now be able to see every tear when our team is dumped out following a successful Italian counter-attack.

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