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8:57am on Monday, 11th January, 2021:

3 3 3 1 43 25


I thought I'd take another inventory of things I encountered on the road during my half-hour stave-off-decrepitude cycle ride this morning.

3 people walking
3 people walking dogs
3 joggers
1 cyclist
43 vehicles coming the opposite direction to me (including one bus)
25 vehicles overtaking me (including one bus and one motorbike)

I did notice that a large proportion of the cars that I encountered were BMWs, Audis or Mercedes, which was also the case in the first lockdown. Before Covid-19 struck, I wasn't aware that so many key workers possessed these cars, but either they do or (surely not!) there's a higher number of people flouting lockdown rules who own expensive cars.

Sadly, the trafffic census I took is not all that informative because there was a diversion due to a water main leak, so that messed up traffic (and water) flows.

Also, I had to change route when I realised early on that I was going to have to pass a man taking two donkeys for a walk, for which I didn't have a category.

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