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12:35pm on Wednesday, 9th June, 2021:

Steady State


I finished my latest "final" read-through of my third Lizzie Lott book, and will have to undertake yet another one.

As you can see from the comparison with previous iterations, the number of changes I made this read-through was more than it was last time (4 lines of affected page numbers rather than 3 lines). This suggests that I've now reached a steady state, and no matter how many times I read it through in future and polish it up, it's going to have roughly the same number of pages needing changes as a result.

The reason I'm going to have to re-read it is not because of the number of changes, then: it's to do with the number of those changes that are show-stoppers (that is, I can't possibly let it out into the wild with that error). Alarmingly, there were three of these this time round, and not all of them were due to changes I made last time round.

Show-stopper 1 was a description of a room layout that didn't match the action that took place in it.

Show-stopper 2 was a typo ("Angalise" instead of "Anglaise").

Show-stopper 3 had a question mark instead of a full stop.

Show-stopper 3 was particularly worrying because it resulted from a change I made three iterations ago. I'd read that sentence twice and not spotted it.

Oh well, let's try again. Then, maybe I can get back to finishing my lastest "final" read-through of How to Be a God (not that it seems to be of interest to anyone other than me, given how far people get into it before giving up).

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