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8:46am on Thursday, 8th July, 2021:



Watching these England performances in the European Championship is exhausting.

I have to say, this attempt at possession football isn't working. It goes something like this:
The forward line wins the ball.
The opposition presses.
The forward line passes back to the midfield.
The midfield passed side to side.
The opposition presses.
The midfield passes to the back line.
The opposition presses.
The back line passes to the goalkeeper.
The opposition presses.
The goalkeeper kicks the ball into touch half-way up the pitch.

Really, England, why don't you just kick the ball into touch as soon as you get it?

How we viewed Denmark before the semi-final is that we were the better side but they had enough quality and resiliance to put up a fight, and if things went their way they were capable of an upset. I think this is how Italy will view England in the final. We're the underdogs, but we can still bite (although not if we keep back-passing to Pickford).

The Danish goal-scorer, Mikkel Damsgaard, looks just like actor Elliot Page.

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