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9:55am on Saturday, 4th September, 2021:

Work Together


Sainsbury's has started a "Heroes on a Mission" event. They give you a pack of three cards for every £10 you spend, the idea being you collect them and use them to play Top Trumps, only of course it never mentions Top Trumps because they don't have the Top Trumps licence. Officially, you stick them in an album. With incredible luck, you would only need to spend £1,440 to obtain the full set.

The "heroes" in question are from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel movies, which is weird enough in itself (someone had to decide whether Mickey Mouse was more loyal than R2-D2 — he is by the way, 10 versus 9). However, in addition to the three normal cards in each pack, there's an extra, differently-shaped card. This one doesn't list bravery/loyalty/strength attributes, so you can't use it to play Top Trumps. Instead, it shows a picture of a character accompanied by some child-friendly advice.

The advice has absolutely nothing to do with the character.

I shall be looking forward to receiving more of these in future.

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