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8:56am on Monday, 3rd May, 2021:

Never-Ending Book Bugs


Pass 6 through the printed version of my Lizzie Lott #3 book has now been completed. Here's how the bug list looks:

The number of changes is now getting to the level of diminishing returns. Every time I read the book from now on, I'm going to reduce the number of changes I want to make by only a handful, if at all. It's always like this with my writing: I get to a point where my aesthetic opinions have sufficient volatility that I'll find a fault once every 1,500 words or so. This is why I end my polishing as soon as I find no show-stoppers.

I was hoping I'd find no show-stoppers on this pass, but unfortunately there were three of them. One was precipitated by an earlier change in which I'd changed "Monsieur" to "Comrade" instead of "Citizen". Another was where I had said that the name plates on the buildings in a street had been pasted over with placards, then proceeded to have all but two of them completely readable. The final one was in the set-up for Lizzie Lott #4, which gave completely the wrong impression.

Fingers crossed that pass 7 will be the last one...

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