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11:20am on Sunday, 3rd January, 2021:



With the arrival of Cyberpunk 2077, I mentioned in an online conversation that I used to play the one set in 2013. I also mentioned that I'd met the author, Mike Pondsmith, at a conference in Barcelona and gone all fanboi on him, sending him my copy of the rule book for him to sign.

This was a while back, so I thought it hadn't reached him. In fact, it had reached him and he was waiting for Projekt Red to finish Cyberpunk 2077 so he could send me a copy.

I was therefore both surprised and thrilled to open up a mystery parcel that arrived this morning that was packed with Cyberpunk goodies. Included among them was my rule set!

I'm so pleased right now! If the rest of 2021 goes like this, I certainly shan't be complaining.

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