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1:49pm on Saturday, 2nd October, 2021:



I've fallen through the architecture while playing World of Warcraft, The Secret World and Elder Scrolls Online. When this happens, I end up in a new world separated from the original by the polygons I shouldn't have fallen through. In Crowfall, I've fallen through it while returning to my corpse after being killed, and I've also been attacked by mobs that are stuck inside large rocks (but can cast nevertheless spells and chuck things at me). All these have occurred because of either gaps in the architecture or some kind of teleportation gone wrong.

What I haven't come across before is something else I encountered recently in Crowfall, where the ground had two surfaces. I was on one and the mobs were on the other. I could attack them, they could attack me, and I could kill them. However, their corpses wound up lying on the lower floor and I couldn't loot them.

I'm glad this kind of thing doesn't happen in Reality.

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