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2:08pm on Wednesday, 1st September, 2021:

Late Submissions


We have three weeks to mark student assignments. In practice, this is often only two weeks, because students can submit up to a week late. They can do this even if they've submitted on time. This means that lecturers are reluctant to do any marking in the first week, because the student may submit something late and then you'd have marked the first version unnecessarily. This is the case both for regular assignments and resit assignments.

That said, it's not as bad for resit assignments, because there aren't many submissions. As it happened, only one student this time submitted both on time and late.

Nevertheless, for CE317 more students submitted a week late than submitted on time. This is despite the fact that when they do the assignment in March they only have two weeks from its being set to its being handed in, but for the resit assignment (which is the same as the main assignment) they have the whole summer.

It's not just me, then, who feels that this year, June, July and August simply flew past.

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