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5:25pm on Tuesday, 1st June, 2021:



It's the Gotland Game Conference at the moment, which means I get to play students' games and tell people I'm working. It's online this year, using Gather Town as the interface — it's working surprisingly well, too. Some of the games need to be downloaded, which is a pain, but none of them have used the opportunity to install "high grades or your hard drive gets it" ransomware on my PC. The conference is open, if you want to try it out at https://gotlandgameconference.com/2021/.

What's particularly impressive is that for years 1 and 2 the students have met neither their teachers nor their fellow team-members in person. I don't know what the designers, artists, writers and project managers think about that, but my guess is that for the musicians and programmers, it's heaven!

Oh well, back to the grindstone...

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