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10:33am on Monday, 28th December, 2020:



Normally, the refuse collectors visit our village on a Friday, but last week they had better things to do that day so they're coming today instead.

Because our milk supplies, bought before Christmas, have now run out (well, the last of it has gone off), I decided this morning that I would risk my life and visit the village store to buy some more.

The combination of walking to the shop and passing piles of rubbish meant I could see what other people had got for Christmas. There were a lot of toy boxes (Duplo, Barbie, Paw Patrol, some kind of remote-control car with a turning circle wider than any British living room) and some educational items (more than one family bought a globe from Ryman office supplies). There were also several families proudly putting out their Amazon boxes in Fortnum & Mason boxes.

The strangest present was an "outdoor wood-fired pizza oven". I don't know why the word "outdoor" was felt to be necessary there, but I'm sure that whoever found it under their tree was out in the garden on Christmas morning making everyone Christmas lunch with it.

The shop was well-stocked and devoid of other customers; if I do exhibit the symptoms Covid-19, I caught it off joggers.

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