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11:00am on Monday, 27th April, 2020:



I gave two online revision lectures recently. One was on Friday at 9am and one was today at 9am. With no limits on room capacity, I was rather hoping that they could have been moved to, oh, I don't know, some time other than 9am, but they weren't.

9am in your own house is different to 9am on campus, though. Because the lectures used a webinar format, the students didn't even need to get out of bed — the camera was only ever on me or my screen. Could, then, attendance for the lectures be higher than for regular, stand-in-a-lecture-theatre lectures?

Furthermore, it's traditionaly that more students come to revision lectures than to regular lectures because they hope a few exam questions are going to be revealed in them (which is fair enough, as often they are). In the past, I've had students show up to my revision lectures whom I couldn't have picked out of a line-up as being my students, I'd never seen them before. Might I therefore expect a high turnout for these two events?

7 students out of about 40 showed up for the first one. 9 students out of about 70 showed up for the second one.

So, it's just like how it was before the sickness came, then.

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