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11:50am on Friday, 25th September, 2020:

Round Three


Now that Poseidon has brushed aside the competition, I now have to decide how best to use him on the cover. People have already made some suggestions, so I've put some of these together and here they are. Refinements are entirely possible, so if you have any ideas for how I can make any of these look better then let me know and I'll create an example for discussion.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

#1 is the original.
#2 has a different font and no box.
#3 has the same font and no box.
#4 has rounded box edges, a sea-green colour, some transparency, and the box colour uses the darkest colour from the image.
#5 is black and white.
#6 has a sea-green box with some transparency.
#7 is the image from round 2.
#8 is #7 but brighter.
#9 is #7 but darker.

In all the images, I changed the subtitle (removing "to conduct") and removed the child standing on the right.

What do you think?

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