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8:54am on Thursday, 24th September, 2020:



It was raining heavily when I went for my health-giving walk this morning; so heavily, in fact, that there were streams running down the road alongside the pavement, overwhelming the drains. This meant that for most of my journey, any vehicle that came within two feet of the kerb could drench me.

I was expecting this to happen when the vehicle in question was a BMW, Audi or Mercedes, because (in the UK at least) drivers of expensive German cars have a reputation for putting themselves before others. I was wrong, though: they were as reluctant to throw water at me (or at least down the side of their car) as everyone else. This was rather refreshing. There was one exception, a woman driving a Mercedes, but I'll give her a pass because a lorry was coming the other way so she had no option but to drive through what by then was starting to look like a brook. Fortunately, I spotted what was going to happen and got my umbrella down in time to avoid a soaking.

The only vehicles that made no concessions whatsoever were buses. Four went past me and every one was driven as if the rain was a mere illusion. Only in one case did I need to use my umbrella for protection, though, as I could duck into people's driveways on the other occasions.

Ah, British weather. It's weird that we can get used to how changeable it is but we can't get used to how changeable the government's rules on Covid-19 avoidance are. It's not as if the forecasts are accurate for either of them.

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