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1:19pm on Saturday, 18th July, 2020:



My wife and I were in Colchester today, and inadvisedly went to Vodafone to renew our phone contracts. It always takes an age to do this, but today it was made worse by the fact that we weren't both allowed in the shop at the same time. One of us had to stand outside, collecting Covid-19 from passers-by walking within a metre of us, while the other was inside undergoing the laborious process of watching a woman enter data into an always-slow computer operating over an always-slow network. [Aside: no, Vodafone, I won't be changing my Internet provider to you.]

Our new phones will arrive on Tuesday.

Saleswoman: "If you don't like yours, you can change it within two weeks, like your wife."
Me: "Nobody told me I could do that at the wedding."

Hmm. I don't think having a sense of humour is a prerequisite for working in a mobile phone shop.

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