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6:21pm on Tuesday, 17th March, 2020:



I work from home a lot anyway, so wasn't particularly fazed by the email from the Head of School today telling us all to do just that. Indeed, I was hoping it would help me get through the pile of grading I have to do that much more quickly.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. I'm now getting bombarded with emails telling me that because of Covid-19 I need to do assorted Important Things right now. They are pretty important, too, I'm not arguing, it's just that the deadline I have for completing my marking isn't going to change yet I have all these extra time-consuming actions demanding my time, too. This is my absolute busiest time of the year work-wise anyway, so I could really do without it.

I don't get stressed over stuff like this, but that doesn't mean I'm pleased. Still, it's probably the same for everyone else and will settle down once the new processes are in place. Whether I manage to mark all the assignments I need to by the deadline remains to be seen, though.

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