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9:58am on Wednesday, 16th September, 2020:

Dondorf Again


It's bore-you-with-playing-cards time again!

This is a standard Dondorf Club Karte pattern deck but with illustrated aces representing Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. As you can see, they're quite pretty.

This was advertised on eBay as being from 1920, but its particular characteristics (6mm indeces, B. Dondorf Frankfurst A/M on the aces) only come together for the period 1924-1928. This means it's probably missing a joker.

There was a guy on Google+ who used to make really interesting posts, punctuated by almost daily photographs of hyenas. Eventually, I'd had enough of the hyenas and unfollowed him. I'm hoping that antique playing cards are not my hyenas...

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