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8:52am on Thursday, 15th October, 2020:



Here are the answers to yesterday's 1930s film star picture quiz.

I wouldn't have got 1 even if he was dressed as Tarzan.
I would have got 2 had I not seen another image in the book (or Tara Birell) who looked more like her than this does.
I wouldn't have got 3.
I wouldn't have got 4.
I would have got 5, even though he looks as if he's been exhumed and re-embalmed.
I would have got 6, but probably have mixed her name up with 2, Greta Garbo.
I wouldn't have got 7. I think it looks more like 3, Bette Davis. This must have been before she had some teeth removed to give her higher cheekbones.
I definitely wouldn't have got 8, despite her being one of my favourite actresses.

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