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2:54pm on Thursday, 14th May, 2020:



I bought some more playing cards!

Actually, I bought several sets of more playing cards, but these are the first ones to have made it through the barriers erected by the postal service. I purchased them on eBay from someone in the Netherlands, but the cards themselves are Swedish.

This particular deck is called "Vasa", published by Öberg & Son. The pattern was used from 1910 until 1960, but my particular pack is from 1934-1949. The tax stamp on the Ace of Hearts is for Eskilstuna, which is the location of the Öberg & Son factory.

I don't usually buy playing cards that are less than a hundred years old, but I don't have any from Sweden and these looked pretty, so I bought them. The printing quality isn't as good as I was hoping, but they're on decent card stock.

This is where I find out whether this new coronavirus can live on playing cards long enough to survive the journey from continental Europe.

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