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9:16am on Saturday, 12th September, 2020:



Having removed from my bookcase some of the playing cards in my collection that I keep on a narrow shelf there, I had cause to revisit them. The interesting one were mainly Piatnik double decks from the 1950s, but one set was from circa 1925. Here's one of its jokers:

I've thrown out both decks. Loathe though I may be to dispose of 95-year-old playing cards, these smelled as if they spent 90 of those years under the armpit of a bricklayer who only took them out when having a smoke. They were quite the grubbiest double pack of cards in my collection. The backs were so worn that it was difficult to see what the design was on most of them. They're supposed to be white, not yellow. I had to go and wash my hands after merely putting this joker in my scanner.

I like to maintain at least the delusion that I may actually play a game with any of the packs in my collection. I make exceptions for partial decks that I think are pretty (especially if they're old), but although these two decks probably were pretty once, they're not now. They now await recycling, probably as ingredients for chemical weapons.

If that little hat that the joker has on his big hat is meant to look funny, it doesn't.

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