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11:33am on Thursday, 8th October, 2020:

Module Design


My second-year module, CE217, normally consists of nine 2-hour lectures and nine 3-hour classes. However, I can't run the classes this time round because the students need to work in groups using physical materials that I give them. Also, I need to pre-record them all. There's no budget for buying-in software to help, so I'm converting the classes into lectures.

I'm doing this by taking apart the current lectures and making more lectures out of them. This means I need to double the amount of content in them.

In some cases, I can salvage content from the classes to flesh them out. For others, I can pull in slides from talks I've given or articles I've written, and from restoring pieces I had to shave off when the ten lectures went down to nine (because of the introduction of "challenge week"). Otherwise, it's a case of giving more (often tedious) detail than I usually do.

This is what the lectures are looking like so far.

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