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3:23pm on Tuesday, 8th September, 2020:



It's the IGGI Conference internal day today. Instead of being in York or London meeting people in person, I'm instead sitting at home watching and listening to a Discord channel (and occasionally a Zoom channel). It's working quite well, although it's harder to introduce yourself to someone you haven't met before this way.

I haven't said much, primarily because we have a plumber in who's removing everything from the cloakroom that's immediately behind my home office. He's taken out all the fixtures and fittings and is currently removing the ceiling. This is for some kind of plumbing reason beyond the ken of mere mortals. Anyway, if I do switch my mic on then everyone else gets to hear the variety of tool use at play, which isn't ideal. I can put the video on, but then everyone will see a weapon-wielding plumber every once in a while if he prowls behind me.

Currently, I'm attending a workshop. I can't hear much because the wall behind me is being drilled. In one of the small gaps when the drilling stopped, one of the presenters announced he couldn't pronounce "microphenomenology". Whenever the drilling stops now, he seems to have cause to say it. He must have some kind of telepathic connection with the plumber. Fortunately, I'm already familiar with the work of the other two of the three presenters so may be able to wing it if asked to do anything.

Hmm, I can smell wood burning. That's not something I was expecting.

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