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11:15am on Friday, 8th May, 2020:



The neighbours on both side of our house have put up red, white and blue bunting. My wife is sufficiently worried about bunting shaming that we've dug out some old balloons in the correct colours, which doubtless I'll have to put up this afternoon to ward off the spirits of judgement.

I don't mind recognising the bravery of previous generations, in fact I'm all for it. I do mind being pressured into recognising it in a "with us or against us" communal way, though. At least the big-number anniversaries of the end of World War 1 take place on Remembrance Sunday, so merge into the general Poppy Day commemorations.

I may be particularly sensitive because I actually quite dislike the melody of "We'll Meet Again", yet it's everywhere at the moment. Still, it's better than bagpipes.

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