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5:06pm on Sunday, 8th March, 2020:

Hole in Many


We drove to Saffron Walden and back today. In places, the holes in the road are so large that they can't really be called potholes any more unless you have a pot that's three metres long and shaped like Malawi. Some are deep, more like cauldrons than pots, and others are like a grazed knee, with gouges that leave some of the surface untouched but connect together with each other in huge swatches so there's no escaping them.

Normally, potholes happen because water gets between cracks, freezes, expands and so chips away at the road surface. This winter, though, we haven't had much cold weather; rather, we've had three times as much rain as normal. I suppose that could do it if the surface is thin and vehicles compress it onto a waterlogged base.

Not having fixed them since last year is probably the biggest cause, though...

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