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4:57pm on Tuesday, 7th January, 2020:



I got bored answering my own examination questions today, so created some headers for the Moodle pages we're required to force on our students as a way to slow down the Internet. I needed 11 in total: 5 for CE217 (my Game Design module); 5 for CE317 (my Virtual Worlds module); 1 for CE817 (CE317 for Masters students).

I raided my screenshot libraries and made the headers from what I found. Here's the result.

On the actual headers, I cite the games that the screenshots came from, but here I've redacted them so you can have the pleasure of trying to guess what they are. The first 5 are for CE217 and are from regular computer games; the second 6 are for CE317/CE817 and are from MMORPGs.

Answers tomorrow...

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