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10:48am on Sunday, 6th September, 2020:

It's that Man Again


I don't intend to post every week about the preponderance of headlines in the Essex County Standard that tell us what Man has been up to of late, but seeing as how the first one this time round neatly brings closure to a story I mentioned last week, I'll do so.

Man, 73, is cleared over 1988 murder of 'Granny'
Man sought in burglary probe
Man spent 20 years abroad after fleeing
Man is charged after woman in her 30s is killed in crash
Man in dog costume arrested at garrison
Man fined over police assault
Man jailed over knife in his car

Only one Woman this week, and only one Revamp, too.

I'm glad that they finally realised that maybe putting the word "Granny" in quotes might be a good idea.

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