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11:32am on Friday, 4th September, 2020:

1410 Joker


Back in August, I mentioned that I maaay have bought some playing cards. One of the decks was a colour-challenged 33-card 1940 Biermans deck with scenic aces showing city scenes from the Netherlands. This was surprisingly easy to identify because it's the only time a Dutch pattern deck with scenic aces didn't include any images of Amsterdam. I mentioned that I wasn't sure, but thought that the full-suits version of the deck came with a joker.

Weirdly, last week a full-suits version of the deck appeared on eBay with a buy-now price of £3.99. Needless to say, I bought it. Even more weirdly, it arrived from the Netherlands within a week. It does indeed come with a joker.

Here he is.

He looks a little too well-dressed to be a joker to me.

I don't know that bow on a piece of string round his neck is supposed to be.

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