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1:44pm on Tuesday, 4th August, 2020:

More Cards


I bought some more antique playing cards for cheap (as in £3.99 cheap). I bought four packs in all, which if you add in the two packs I have in the garage that I daren't touch yet because some kind of spore-laden dust came off them when I did, makes six for me to bore you with eventually. For now, I'll just bore you with one, though.

This is a miniature deck by my favourite manufacturer, Dondorf. It must date from towards the end of the company's existence (it lasted until 1933) because the quality isn't as high as it used to be and there are some other weirdnesses about it, too. The Dondorf logo appears on the 7H, whereas normally the company name appears on the JC. OK, so these cards only measure 26mm by 34mm, so perhaps there isn't room, but one of the jokers has a pattern I haven't seen before and the other has one used by ASS. I suspect it could be a mixed deck, because some random cards are in much better condition than others.

It's a nice little addition to my collection, anyway. All Dondorfs are good Dondorfs!

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