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9:08am on Saturday, 4th April, 2020:



I went to Sainsbury's yesterday, or virusland as it appeared to me. There were no queues, but that was because they were letting rather too many people into the store.

Hmm, actually, if everyone were to behave properly then there wouldn't be too many of them. However, not everyone does behave properly. Social distancing rules are not observed by the thick, the bewildered or the entitled. The entitled include the couples who come in separately in order to evade the only-one-adult-at-once restriction; some of these are also thick, swearing aggressively at each other to prove it.

I was planning to use a mask today, but when I got out of the car my nose started running so I thought better of it.

If I'm going to catch this virus, Sainsbury's is where I'm going to catch it.

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