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9:29am on Monday, 2nd November, 2020:

Picpus Pendant la Commune


I don't normally read books written in French, on account of how I only understand 80% of the words, but I did buy and read a copy of Picpus Pendant la Commune recently (or, for those who are participating in the "with a chainsaw" fun at the moment, Picpus Pendant la Commune avec une chainsaw).

This card was glued into the book on one of the blank pages at the start.

It looks as if the volume was given to someone as a gift by one Father Palmace. The text was written in 1896, 25 years after the Paris Commune (the 150th anniversary of which is next year). It seems either to have been sent in 1913 or passed on in 1913.

The book has many hand-written annotations in it. Here's an example:

I believe this translates as: "This cell of the Prussian Jew Karl Marx and his first Asian apostle with slanted eyes".

Hmm. It would appear that one of the previous owners of this book was something of a racist.

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