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9:32am on Wednesday, 1st January, 2020:

New Year


Continuing the trend of previous years, few people read my blog in 2019. Instead, they read the cross-posts that I put on Facebook. I shall nevertheless continue to post here, because then I can do what I like with it (such as creating posts with multiple images in them) and they're both indexed by search engines and archived by me. Also, I haven't missed a post since I started QBlog on 1st January, 2005, a fact of which I am unnecessarily proud.

The only blog post last year that received more than 20 views was one from 2015 about dice from Christmas crackers, which garnered 26. Next up was the Red-Nosed Clown joke post from 2010 on 8 (it was top on 24 this time last year). Third was the highest post from 2019, the one from Christmas Eve about the Oxford full stop. It only had 4 reads, though, so not much can be read into that. The majority of 2019 posts had 3 reads.

Hi there, then, the three of you who read QBlog this way! Happy New Year!

I shan't be cross-posting this to Facebook...

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