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1:25pm on Saturday, 30th March, 2019:



I'm currently marking CE217. I have close to 90 assignments to grade and I can manage around ten a day. I have 3 weeks in which to mark them, but lost the first week marking the CE317 and CE817 assignments that had come in the week before. I keep getting emails telling me of other things I need to do over the Easter break, which rather assume that the break is indeed a break (and that telling me to sit through a bunch of training courses or whatever doesn't stop its being a break). After I'm done with CE217 I have three masters preliminary dissertations to read, then I'm done until the exams.

This is my absolute most busy time of year. It's why I can't go to the Game Developers' Conference or gorge myself on Easter eggs all day. Grading is the worst part of academic life, apart from the pay.

I don't know who the students are because they submit their work anonymously. I can't find out who they are because there's no longer a list of student names and IDs available. I like this: it means I can mark fairly. OK, so students with IDs starting with lower numbers tend to get lower marks (they've often had to resit a year), but not always. One of the highest-scoring marks this time round is from a student who started before 2017 (which is when the bulk of second-year students started).

The thing is, actually I could easily find out who the students are if I wanted. They create their work as .doc or .pdf files, which they upload for me to read. Those files have meta-information in them. I merely have to change my directory view and it tells me the author of every single file.

This is what happens when you have people with no technological knowledge trying to make rules governing technology.

Only one student has mis-spelled the word "lose" so far, which is a pleasant change.

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