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5:26pm on Friday, 28th June, 2019:

Industry Day


It was Industry Day at the university today.

Normally, I don't attend industry day as the games industry isn't one of the industries that sends representatives to Industry Day. However, I did go today because one of my former students, Evtim Gruev, was speaking (although not actually about games).

OK, so he was a games student but he did a start-up with some other ex-Essex students at Falmouth Lanuchpad. They wrote software for sentiment analysis in games and found to their horror that it had wider applications, so now they also sell it to health, hospitality, retail, ... Having launched a successful start-up, Evtim went back to his native Bulgaria from where he now advises other people across Europe regarding how to do start-ups.

I always think it's great when students do better than their lecturers, although it's hard to claim any credit when nothing he's doing uses anything that appeared on any of my lecture slides.

We really should teach entrepreneurship at Essex, but if any of us were good at it we wouldn't be lecturers.

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