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1:58pm on Tuesday, 26th November, 2019:

Early Start


The Christmas tree in square 3 was looking nice at half-past seven this morning.

The reason I was at work at half-past seven wasn't because I'm super-keen or anything. Rather, it's because there's a strike on at the moment and I don't have to argue my way through a picket line if I arrive when the picketers are still asleep in bed. Because I'm part-time, I'm not a member of the union; because I'm not a member of the union, I have no protection if I don't show up for work.

As it was, of the five meetings I had scheduled for today:
One was cancelled because the organiser is in Stuttgart today.
One was cancelled because the student hadn't done any work.
One was cancelled because the student announced in advance an intention not to cross a picket line.
One was cancelled because the student was ill.
One should have been cancelled because the student had the same illness as the other student, but he came in anyway.

Tomorrow, I have to give a talk to prospective students and their parents, if any of them brave the people in high-visibility jackets obstructing their path.

The Square 3 lights on the non-Christmas trees stay up all year round, so the University hasn't quite put in as much festive effort as first meets the eye.

If I develop a hacking cough over the course of the next few days, I know whom to blame.

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