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2:41pm on Sunday, 25th August, 2019:



Over the summer, most UK universities have so much empty accommodation that they rent it out to non-students. At Essex, we're particularly good at hosting conventions, some of which come back again year after year. There was an Italian schoolkid programme that visited for over 30 years, and Saga used to send use hordes of old people every summer too.

We have a different language school visit us yearly now, although only for a couple of weeks or so. They're usually followed by a convention for Orthodox Jews (the ones where the men have side ringlets and wear big hats and impressively-long coats). That was indeed the case this year, when the latter were here for last week and the week before.

I think someone ought to have told the canteen why even a price cut wasn't going to help sales of some of their products.

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