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12:55am on Saturday, 23rd November, 2019:



A quick search of the Imperator Rome directory unearthed a file with the end date of the game in it, so I changed it to 31 December 900 (which is 147 AD). Most of the expansion that followed happened before 800, then I ran out of small countries to conquer so colonised parts of Eastern Europe until I had enough money to take on larger ones. Carthage kept declaring war but never sending any troops my way, so all the wars ended in a white peace. Rome also declared war a couple of times: I took some territory in the first one and the second one was under way when the game ended.

I managed to trade for camels towards the end, so created a camel unit in Denmark because I could. I perhaps shouldn't have imported the steppe horses to Scotland, though, as the horse arches they enabled were a bit too far away to see any action.

Back to playing Pathway tomorrow, I think.

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