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9:09am on Sunday, 22nd September, 2019:



This week's Essex County Standard is the gift that keeps on giving. These are some of its headlines.

"Man dies of injuries after crash outside station"
"Man sought in police probe"
"Man dies in public toilets"
"Man bailed in attempted murder probe"
"Man 'tried to kidnap woman'"
"Man broke into rehearsal area"
"Man sought over £10k courier con"
"Man bailed after raid on flats"
"Man is injured in crash on A120"
"Man fined over fake £20 notes"
"Man brandished knife in town"

That's one busy man.

Interestingly, no headline begins "Woman", which leads me to conclude that it's only because of men that the local newspaper industry survives.

Come on, women! Would it hurt a few of you to die in public toilets so as to help keep reporters in jobs?

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