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6:06pm on Wednesday, 20th March, 2019:



We had an Education Away Day this afternoon. As usual, it was neither away nor a day.

Its coming right at the end of term was exceedingly annoying, because I have assignments to mark. It used to take me 30-45 minutes to mark CE317 assignments, but because I'm not allowed to do it by voice now it takes me 45-60 minutes instead. Having to go in for the meeting and then having to sit through it robbed me of the time to mark another five papers.

All this marking is to provide feedback for students so they grade us highly in the feedback category in the National Student Survey. Slightly more than half of them have already done the survey, though, so are in no position to change their minds for better or for worse; for the rest, by the time I give out the feedback (which has to go through a feedback-approval process) it'll be too late to make any difference.

One of the topics we discussed at the Away Day was attendance, or more specifically the lack thereof. For some lectures it's even more miserable than for my own — 10% of the cohort, that kind of level. My suggestion for dealing this was very popular among members of staff, but rejected by the Head of School.

It would seem there's no regulation that allows me to tell students I won't mark their assignment unless they've been to at least 20% of my lectures. Damn.

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