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3:33pm on Thursday, 19th December, 2019:



Despite the urgings of our departmental high-ups to make sure we relax over the Christmas break to recharge our batteries and not put our mental health at risk, the reality is that we have a ton of work to do before the start of next term with Dire Consequences for our employment should we neglect to complete it on time.

This is why I have spent most of today writing exam questions for CE317. It takes me several hours to compose a single paper, and I have to do six of them (three main papers and three resit papers). I did the two CE217 papers earlier in the week, but only the questions: I have yet to write model answers for them. The reason for this is that although we were told on 5th December that we needed to write the questions, it was only yesterday that they gave us the Word template that we have to use for them.

Oh, and in case you think I'm over-dramatising this, here's a snippet from the 5th December email.

One of the disadvantages of writing in underlined red is that you don't notice the typing errors.

These exams will be sat in May/June and September. This is why, when students try to extract hints from me about what's in the exam, there's no danger that I will inadvertently give anything away — I won't be able to bring any of it immediately to mind by then.

As a special treat to CE317 readers of this post, though, I will reveal that the text of one of the questions contains the word "computer".

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