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3:52pm on Tuesday, 19th November, 2019:



I've been playing Imperator: Rome recently, a grand strategy game from Paradox. It's not bad, a bit simpler than some of their other games but still quite interesting. Its main faults from my perspective are a lack of a manual, a lack of a city summary screen and it finishes too soon. The lack of a manual in particular was annoying until I realised how colonisation worked.

This screenshot is of my latest (third) game. I was playing as the Iceni, but the name was changed to Albion once I conquered/colonised the British Isles. The game ended mid-war with Sciria — another couple of years and I'd have added it to my collection.

OK, so I was playing at easy level of difficulty (I don't think the Iceni are supposed to finish second behind Rome on points), but I'm getting the hang of it. Maybe I'll play as Rome next time and get an easy experience a different way.

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