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7:42am on Thursday, 19th September, 2019:



Hot on the heels of the EU referendum, the Scottish Independence referendum and that referendum on changing the voting system that no-one remembers, the village I live in is today holding its own referendum.

The topic is the acceptance of the Village Plan, which restricts where people can build new houses. The argument of those in favour is that without it people could apply for planning permission to build anywhere. The argument of those against is that it nevertheless does mean there will be new houses built here.

Those holding the referendum are clearly in the pro-Plan camp, because the wording of the question is unduly long. It doesn't just ask if we accept the Village Plan, it asks if we accept the Village Plan to help the council decide whether to accept new planning applications. Someone against the plan would have replaced that word "help" with "force".

It's big enough news that BBC Radio Essex have sent a news van over to cover the momentous events.

I voted early, in favour of the plan (or "yes" in referendum terms). I expect that whichever side wins, the other side will say the accept the result while simultaneously throwing every obstacle down that they can to subvert it, the aim being to hold a second referendum that will deliver the right result at the earliest opportunity.

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