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6:53pm on Tuesday, 19th February, 2019:



Because our new sitting room arrangement doesn't have the same display capabilities as the old one my wife is having a purge of things that are unnecessary. As all ornaments are unnecessary, this means some of them are being disappeared.

In order to protect this figure, I was able to smuggle it out of the house and put it on display in my office at work.

It's a model of an Etruscan statuette. One of these was given to all attendees at The European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, held in Pisa in 1984. It was the first conference I attended, and to get there I had to take my first flight on an aircraft.

I don't know how many of these chaps remain, but they're pretty rubbish so I don't expect there are many. I like him, though, so he's now standing on top of a Rubik's cube on my display shelf, where he can perturb by students by staring at them judgementally while naked.

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