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4:50pm on Saturday, 19th January, 2019:

Not Alarmed


Just as I was about to leave the scan-and-go checkout section in Sainsbury's this morning, a woman went through with a trolley and she set off an alarm. She kept on walking, though, and headed for the main exit.

I figured she'd set the alarm off there, too, which indeed she did. She just carried on as if nothing had happened.

I thought I'd better tell her, because it's not always obvious in big shops who it is who's set off an alarm.

"Excuse me", I said. "You've just set off two alarms. I think you may have a security tag on something."

"I heard them", she replied, "but I don't know what I've bought that would have one."

Err, well why didn't she stop, then?

I had a quick glance at the contents of her trolley. "It's probably the clothes", I noted. "You need to get that taken off, it might cover them in ink if you try it yourself."

I left her to look through and find the offending object.

I perhaps shouldn't have bothered. When I said "clothes", what I actually wanted to say was "big, ugly bra". It would probably have been improved immensely by contact with a colourful ink.

Really, though, if you set off two alarms, you ought to stop just in case, you know, you're accidentally stealing something...

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