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10:28am on Sunday, 14th April, 2019:



I played my last session of Final Fantasy XIV this morning. My subscription has another 4 days on it, but I'm off to the AISB conference at Falmouth tomorrow and won't be bringing my PC with me. I only logged in today to record my playing times on each of my five characters:

Level 10 pugilist: 2h 9m
Level 25 arcanist: 12h 56m
Level 40 paladin: 1d 13h 20m
Level 52 warrior/20 rogue: 2d 18h 27m
Level 70 white mage: 13d 4h 12m

I'm pretty sure the bulk of that was spent running between Horizon and Waking Sands.

Anyway, the total comes to 20 days 4 hours 4 minutes for 56 days of subscription. It would have been more, but for marking. The white mage was my main, and took on a lot of crafting before I realised it was pointless because the game gives you it for free anyway. As usual for my main, I went with a healer; it was quite fun, but I preferred healing in The Secret World.

The paladin and the warrior were tanks. I don't normally play tanks, but there are so many instanced dungeons in FFXIV that I figured I'd give it a shot. I learned 21 in all, a quarter of which were 8-person (s0 two tanks) and the rest I was the only tank. I started the paladin first, but the warrior was so much more fun to play that eventually I switched. I wanted to get to level 52 because there's an overpowered ability that comes on stream at that point. Annoyingly, though, a precondition for getting is it finishing a quest chain that I still have 71 steps to do before completion and which involves 7 more instanced dungeons.

The arcanist was quite fun, very reminiscent of my old warlock in WoW. The pugilist wasn't so great (the rogue I started as a second class on my warrior was more flexible) so I didn't take that one very far.

Overall, I was much more impressed with FFXIV than I was expecting to be. I really liked a lot of the music, and bought a couple of albums worth that came to over a hundred tracks in total (although they didn't include two I particularly wanted, naturally).

Right, back to playing other games now.

I would never have agreed to attend AISB if I'd know it would mean I was going to miss the first episode of the final Game of Thrones series.

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